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Cornfed Humans, the debut full-length album from experimental-instrumental band Wet Sans Brolly. Inspired by the inevitable mutation of the human species as they consume alarming amounts of genetically modified food , the concept behind Cornfed Humans evolved throughout the writing and recording process to include a wide range of self-destructive scenarios. But despite the variety of dark themes examined on the album’s twelve tracks, there’s an underlying current of positivity.  “Much like life, the music changes from minute to minute there are ups and downs.”

Wet Sans Brolly site a numerous and eclectic list of musical influences, from Mingus to Marley and Radiohead to Rachmaninoff, but the largest source of inspiration is actually film. “An artfully captured moment can be the catalyst for an entire song.  Through the eyes of a skilled director, a single image can portray an extremely distinctive vibe, which often translates effortlessly to this medium.”

“While Wet Sans Brolly don’t actually sound like The Residents, they have a similar knack for tapping into a past that never quite existed.” – Grave Concerns

“This is music as brainfood.” – Wolf Disguised as Monk

File under: kind of odd, mostly instrumental, all groovin’, jazz-inspired, experimental music for films that don’t exist.

Release Date: January 20, 2009

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