Wet Sans Brolly – Love Songs for Giants

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This follow-up to Cornfed Humans includes an ambitious cover of the Thelonious Monk classic In Walked Bud, and an instrumental rendering of the Stephen Sondheim staple I remember Sky.  Also notable is the addition of vocals on a handful of tracks.

It began as an experiment. In January 2009, while preparing for the launch of their first full-length album Cornfed Humans, Wet Sans Brolly decided to begin releasing a new song every month to their small but loyal fan base. An exhaustive year of feverish songwriting, last-minute recording, late-night mixing, and nearly-missed deadlines ensued, threatening to bring an end to the project by the start of 2010. The resulting twelve songs sat collecting virtual dust on a handful of computers and iPods around the world for over a year as Wet Sans Brolly recuperated, began working on new material, and tried to put the whole ordeal out of their minds.

Finally in early 2011, they dusted off the tracks and began George-Lucasing them making revisions here and there to things that probably didn’t need revised, but resulted in a better representation of their original vision. Some notes were moved, some words re-sung, some instruments turned down.

The updated album sounds different, yet the same. New, yet familiar. The original hodgepodge of twelve songs has been painstakingly re-sequenced to create a continuous flow of music, re-mixed to expose more musical nooks and crannies, and re-mastered into to a balanced and cohesive statement.

File under: Progressive groove music with jazz and classical influences. Lots of vocal harmonies and odd time signatures.

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